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-  Javed, S, 2010. Design of ground source heat pump systems - Thermal modelling and evaluation of boreholes.  Licentiate thesis, Division of Building Services Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.


-  Javed, S, Claesson, J and FahlÚn, P, 2010. Analytical modelling of short-term response of ground heat exchangers in ground source heat pump systems. 10th REHVA world congress; Clima 2010, May 9-12, Antalya, Turkey.


-  Javed, S and FahlÚn, P, 2010. Development and planned operation of a ground source heat pump test facility. Newsletter IEA heat pump centre, vol. 28, no. 1/2010, pp. 32-35. 


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Javed, S., FahlÚn, P. and Holmberg, H., 2009. Modelling for optimization of brine temperature in ground source heat pump systems. Proceedings of 8th international conference on sustainable energy technologies; SET2009, Aachen, Germany. August 31- September 3.


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FahlÚn, P., 2008. Efficiency of Heat Pump Systems. 9th International IEA Heat Pump Conference, Zurich, Switzerland

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